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Sound deadening

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Hello, sorry if this has been covered. Looking to reduce the highway noise in my 2018 CM 1794. Just got a quote from Car Toys (DFW area) $3k for materials and install (dyno materials). Any thoughts? Seems pretty pricey to me
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I am putting this on my list of todo mods. But do u really need that much sound deadening for it to be effective? I thought a lot of these products worked by adding mass to the panel it was attached to. And in turn the added mass cuts down on unwanted vibration and rattling?

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Is this Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro Closed Cell Sound Insulation Foam?
Is this Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro Closed Cell Sound Insulation Foam?

No, that's Mass Loaded Vinyl in that picture.
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Dynamat (CLD tiles) is a great start for vibration dampening, as well as a closed cell foam (CCF) to eliminate rubbing. The next step for a true noise barrier is going to be a Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) layer. Covering every square inch of your interior in Dynamat is overkill and not necessary, although Im guilty of this as well. lol. I saw the absolute biggest benefit in making my interior quiet once I did the MLV. I have Dynamat on my roof, doors, floor and rear wall, Second Skin Heat Wave Pro (radiant barrier) a layer of CCF and finally a layer of MLV. I did the install myself and with materials I was around $600

This is a great site to start your research before you spend thousands of dollars

I really appreciate this comment and experience.

Im planing to gathering all my stuff this year and do a week of work on my truck:

JL Speakers, amp, subwoofer

Deadening materials


All together on my tundra 2019 double cab
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