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I have a 2012 Tundra Crewmax in Black with a 3/1 Levelling kit on it.

I want to get some new wheels, and being in Canada a lot of the local shops charge way too much for them, so I turned to the web to try to find a decent deal.

I really liked the Fuel Octane wheels, in 18" in black.

However there are multiple offsets and I am not sure which one I should be ordering.

There are offsets of:

I understand from the sticky that the offset represents how far back from the center line of the wheel the hub mounting surface is?

I am a huge fan of the deeper dish look, so I would like to achieve of bit of a deep lip on the wheels if possible.

A few sites put me into the 14 offset, others the 20, and from google searches I have seen some with 25's

I plan to stick around the same tire size, maybe in the future step up one size from factory.
I considered going to 20" wheels and tires, but I will be driving on these all year long, and I like the idea of having a taller sidewall for the deep snow that I drive in 6-8 months of the year.

I just want some help deciding on which offset to go with, which one will fit my application and help me achieve the "look" I'm going for.

Thanks in advance guys!

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On Fuel's website, I'm only seeing offsets of 1 and 20 for a Tundra bolt pattern (5x150). So, unless they make that bolt pattern in more offsets and just don't list them on their site, that should help narrow it down.
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