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I just picked up an extra set of used 18" OEM alum wheels to match the existing set that came on my 2021 Limited Double Cab, 4x4.
Of course they didn't come with the factory TPMS sensors so I'm busy shopping for some OEM ones.
Start on a couple OEM parts sites and come up with 3 different part numbers:
42607-02050, appear to be for the steel spare tire assembly.
42607-04020, appear to be for the std stock steel wheel.
42607-06030, appear to be for the stock alum wheels. So I use this OEM part number to search eBay for replacements, find some and when I check the fitment chart on the listing it says it's not correct and will not fit. Hmmmm
So I search this forum for info and find a post with a link to a site that sells TPMS units. It lists yet a different number as the OEM part # for alum wheels, 42607-0C091.
Looking a pics of the 06030 and 0C091 they are definitely 2 different shaped sensors.
Can someone help with the correct OEM part # for 18" alum wheels?
I want to confirm this before I purchase.

Solved the question, from another Tundra Forum I found out that the 06030 were the correct ones for my application which also included Remote Keyless entry and Push Button start. Appears that there was a change around 2018.
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