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Smoking '13

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My truck just turned 4k miles and now blows white smoke out exhaust when I first start it in the morning. :eek: I find it hard to believe a truck with so few miles could be doing that. Its due for its first service soon but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. No noises, oil level seems fine, starts fine, just blows smoke. No its not condensation. Any help or ideas I could bring with me to service would be appreciated.
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Pics? It honestly sounds like startup condensation to me. White smoke that isn't condensation would be antifreeze. That would mean its getting into the cylinders somehow. But if it were antifreeze it wouldn't go away like condensation does.
Id have to wait until tomorrow to get pics. I was actually thinking about getting video so I can show the dealer. It is definitely not condensation. That dissipates rapidly. This lingers. Its damn embarrassing to have my brand new $40000 truck smoking like an old beater.
smoke at startup sounds like a bad valve seal. at night oil seeps though into the cylinder and burns off at startup. unusual in a new vehicle though
That's what I thought. I had a 94 astrovan with 300000 miles that had bad valve seals and smoked like that. My problem seems to happen if I drive it hard and park it hot.
I had the same phenomenon on my first 2010 when it had 6,000 miles. I have no idea why, but it just stopped. I brought it in when it was "smoking", they looked at it, told me it was condensation, I told them to go play in traffic. I know what condensation is, this is smoke. They started an oil consumption analysis, and I checked the oil every few days. Eventually it just went away, never to return until I sold the truck at 36,000 miles.
It's normal. It'll stop

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Normal? Jesus... Well thanks all for replying. I'll ask anyway at 5000 service. Hope it does go away..

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Take it in and get at least documentation that you brought it in for that for future. Condensation will go away, true. But a video for dealer if it lasts longer then startup is proof for you.
Normal? Jesus... Well thanks all for replying. I'll ask anyway at 5000 service. Hope it does go away..

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Yeah, I'd document it. Keep us posted on this one.
Its normal. Mine used to smoke like a chimney when I was in Oregon. But it's cat-less with long tubes and turn downs :D

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I just had mine in the dealer for the same issue they told me its normal. They said the Tundra's run real rich when you first start them.
Specially if you do a cold start up then turn it back off and its like a magicial poooof only did it once and I dont do that anymore I let it warm up.
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