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I am expecting my Smittybilt M1 front bumper today and I am hoping to have some clue as to how to wire the lights that come with it. The bumper comes with a set of driving lights and a set of amber fog lights.

1.) First, if anyone actually has this bumper, do any of the lights actually have a harness to connect directly to the OEM fog light harness? I assume not but curious.

2.) Assuming the answer to #1 is NO, then I assume I could snip the harness off of the OEM fog lights and then just tap into them for the new driving lights so they come on when my fog lights used to come on?

3.) What would be the proper way then to wire the fog lights? I assume I will have to install a switch in the cab for them but do I wire that switch directly to the battery then or how does that work?

I suck at electrical so any help is appreciated.
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