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Our daily mission is to offer the best possible customer service and the best products on the market at competitive prices.

We would love to hear about your experiences with us, good or bad (we will 100% make things right if your not satisfied with us!). As we continue to grow, we want to continue to be your #1 choice in Auto Accessories and offer the best online shopping experience possible for our customers. There is no better way for us to know our progress, than to hear straight from our current, whether your a first time shopper or long-term customer!

If you have had any sort of interaction with us, whether it was a purchase from us, an email/PM, phone call or if you have just visited our website, we would love to hear your thoughts about your experience with us!

Here are a few to start..
cheapskate said:
I have no idea why these guys are so quick to help out with stuff but they are. I guess I have not had good customer service for a while so it kind of throws you off. I didnt even know if they had exhaust on their website but I asked Billy if he they sold MBRP stuff on wednesday. I placed the order late thursday and it was at my door at 9:30 Monday morning. Too bad I am pretty much done pimping out my truck. These guys seem to sell everything you need for a truck. I bought running boards for my 05 off them. Hell, they weren't even really available at the time but they pieced it together and they fit perfect. Bought 2 more sets of boards off them for this truck-ordered 2 sets of Ionic Gladiators. One for me and one for a friend at work. Always these guys seem to have good customer service, fast delivery and great prices. And no, I dont work for them. We're not even in the same country. But I know good customer service when I get it and just feel that it should be acknowledged. So thanks again Billy. The good service is noticed and much appreciated. Maybe you can teach this to my local dealership
Larry Lawton said:
Thanks to [email protected]!
I spent quite a bit of time looking at various tube step and running board brands, and narrowed it down to the Gladiators and the AMPs. Placed my order online this morning, and didn't even have to deal with the usual message that my shipping address is not real. Who knows, maybe UPS and Fed-Ex HQ have finally figured out that our house actually exists! I'll try to keep folks up to date about how long ground shipping takes, how the install goes, etc.
DaveG55 said:
Well, I took advantage of AutoCustoms ROC discount and got an Advantage Torza Tonneau cover. I must say here that Billy was exceedingly helpfull and prompt whenever I asked him a question.
My cover came in exactly 7 days from my order and appears, from the date on the underside, to have been made-to-order and shipped from the factory.
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Thanks Tom, I think we might have turned things around........ I will say this for sure Auto Customs really are polite and I will update review next week. thanks

Well, I am sorry to be the negative post, and the first one.

I went to which is sister to AutoCustoms, asked about the lazerlite tonneau cover, $1399 +$150 shipping. Got a quote emailed to me. In the email there were some advertisements about bed rugs, steps, and some other things. Decided to take them up on it and buy 4 accessories from lazerlite/autocustoms

- LazerLite Tonneau Cover
- Husky digital fit floor matts
- Chrome side steps
- Bed Rug
Total ~$2,175
all for my 2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax within minutes I get a Freight Waiver Form to fill out and send back, and I do.

well when the steps arrived see attached picture, the step and chrome finish was all scuffed up. The steps had debris in them that probably occurred during assembly. I called Autocustoms immediately before putting on the truck so they wouldnt think I did it during installation. They said nothing they can do until Monday (it was Friday Afternoon) but to email a picture to them.

Well, Monday I got an email:
We looked at your pictures, and the manufacturer recommends that you use a stainless steel polish to polish them out a little bit......a stainless steel polish should fix the problem.
REALLY? I might have done it had that been the ONLY problem. I call and they say they will issue a call tag to pick the steps up for replacement.

So I get the floor matts, and it clearly says on the package 07-13 Tundra CrewCab but being hopefull, I try the back floor and sure enough it doesnt fit. Keep in mind I am still waiting for AutoCustoms to issue a call tag or something for the steps. I call them and let them know that the floor matts are not for the 2014. They confirm and say they will get the right ones out to me and send a call tag for the ones I have.

My confidence is greatly reduced for the remaining 50% of my order to be proper. So I wait Tuesday, and now Wed. being told that I will receive the info in my email to send the incorrect/defective parts back. NOPE, instead I get the Freight Waiver to sign again. So its been 3 full Business days and I am left swinging in the wind hoping this will be taken care of and worried the tonneau cover is going to be the biggest nightmare to come since its the most expensive and I have already filled out their waiver.

Am I over reacting? AutoCustoms please restore some faith. This isnt the only forum out there......


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