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My wife and I would like to do a little camping in the new Tundra CM this year. Need a little help finding a good bed tent.

First, my wife is, by no means, an avid campers. I don't need a Yakima Skyrise or a Tepui. I just need a good bed tent that sets up easy and extends past the tailgate. I'm 6'+ so the only way this works is if I have that extra room.

Second, Id also like to find something that has a window or pass through into the cab. If our son comes, he will most likely sleep in the cab so I'd love to be able to see him or have access to the cab when the window is down.

Third, is there anything at all on the market that works with a tonneau cover? I kind of figure no, but thought I would ask.

Fourth, any recommendations for bed air mattresses? I know there are a few out there made specific for truck beds and even some with an extra tailgate extension. Anyone have experience with these?

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