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So... Two weeks after picking up my CM, I hunt for a tonneau cover. There's a lot of options out there, but decided to give Bak a shot. I don't plan to use the bed much for moving large loads, but would be nice to throw whatever back there & secure it without worry. Install time took just under 2hrs, including stops to check instructions & fitment. Had to adjust the rails by pulling more to the rear to make sure the cover sealed with the tailgate. Didn't see instruction to put the weatherstrip under the lid, so I'll have to do that later. Don't have a drill bit big enough to drill holes in the bed floor, but I may use the softer inserts for that (seems like a better seal around the tube too).

The only gripe I have with mine is the cover doesn't quite "spring" back into the canister like I think it should, and binds with about a foot left to go. I end up pulling it out, and giving it a helping hand in retracting it in the canister. Overall, it looks like a clean, sturdy setup. Will give it some time. Had to stop because the sky started opening up, and my garage is overbooked. LOL

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