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We have mud flaps ready to fit your Toyota Tundra.

Our ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps are available in a setup that’s ideal for the Tundra.

These Toyota Tundra mud flaps are made for active use on the highway or on gravel roads. They have extra-thick 1/2” rubber to resist sailing. The mud flaps are made with a smooth surface to prevent ice and mud buildup and can handle temperatures as hot as 250 degrees F.

ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps have an aluminum frame with stainless-steel hardware to resist corrosion. The frame is offered in two finishes: smooth mill and diamond plate.

The entire mud flap package is easy to assemble, remove and re-install as needed. The frame mounts to the hitch with an adjustable clamping system. No drilling is needed. Adjustable vinyl-capped stops take the guesswork out of aligning the hitch pin whenever you need to tow a trailer.

Our site, has these Toyota Tundra mud flaps on sale for 15% off right now, and if you type TUNDRAS in the promo code box at checkout, you’ll get a free bonus item with your order.
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