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rock warrior method wheels, toyo mt's, lro 3/1 level

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Just got these on a week ago...
2011 MGM rock warrior dc. 18" method standards +18mm offset, procomp lugs. Toyo Open Country Mt's 35x12.5x18. LRO 3/1 leveling kit. Running boards deleted. I will try for better pics once we get better weather here in nj.


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sorry for the sideways pics. I don't have the time to figure out how to fix that right now. Figured Id help people who are looking for these wheels with 35s on a level kit to see what they look like.
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That is the exact setup i want on my RW! That looks excellent man! Do you mind me asking what the wheel and tire package set you back? I've gotta figure out how to justify it to the lady ;)
I don't remember the exact prices I don't have the bill around but everything was under 1800. My budget was to be under 2k otherwise I was just gona go with 305/70/17 terra grapplers for my stock rw wheels.
I may need to trim my body mount, tonight driving home I found it seems to rub slightly in reverse (however near full lock) but it doesn't seem to be a big deal.. I may cut and plate it to reinforce it.
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Very nice! Where in Jersey are you? I got the LRO front spacers going on within the next 4 days. Can't wait!
Truck looks really nice man!
can you share where you got them from? thats the combo im looking at right now? thanks for making the decision final!
Looks great. I have same color RW but a CM. Looking to sell my Stock RW wheels and tires and do the methods with General grabbers. Now I have an idea what the methods look like. Are those +18 or 0 offset?

Thanks for sharing!
Mean looking truck...I'm really starting to prefer the look of 17's or 18's with larger tires ove the 20' I can't afford 20's!!
Thanks for all the comments. This was the look I was going for all along. A simple flat black wheel that I wouldn't get tired of. I was in between a few wheels, jesters, fuels, but I kept going back to the methods for lack of gaudy stuff all over the rim.
The wheels are +18mm.
Oh yeah I had NO issues with the center caps whatsoever. In other posts people have mentioned center cap fitment issues.. I had none.

I ordered the rims from 4wheelparts They had a pretty good discount a while back and the shipping was under 20 dollars. I also ordered the black procomp lugs through them as well.

The tires I bought separately, and mounted/balanced them at work (im a tech for a bmw dealer, so mount/balancing was free FTW)
btw Jerseyrockwarrior im in central nj - Middlesex county
Tried to fix your pics but now they're tiny. Sorry
Tried to fix your pics but now they're tiny. Sorry

can't see crap!
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