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Hi all

I am new here. I just bought a 2000 Tundra 2WD 4.7L SR5 extende cab with 175k miles on it last week after a short road trip. Seller who had done all of the maintenance at the local dealer and gave me detailed records did not disclose an issue with road noise, but later I found it in the service records from a few months ago where Toyota dealer recommended new tires. My fault, I should have been more detailed when I did the pre-purchase lookaround. Now I need to fix it enjoy the truck.

Front tires were cupped. So I figured that was where noise was coming from. I did: replace front tires with Achilles fwy/all-season tires, replace front Rancho 9000 shocks with Bilstein yellows, had it aligned, steering wheel stopped shaking on fwy and all was well - I thought.

Problem: it rides very quiet for first 5 to 10 miles, then I hear a road noise that gets noiser as I keep driving to the point that it feels like I am running mud tires. It sounds like a tire rubbing, but it has harmonics to it (sounds like woo woo woo woo), both on fwy and street all the way from low speed to 75mph and I feel slight vibration under my foot and very small vibration in the steering wheel. Goes away when truck sits over night, but does not go away if truck is sitting for only a couple of hours. Transmission shifts good. No exssive play in the u-joints - feels normal.

I figure if it's the front bearing, then it should be there from beginning, not when it warms up. Correct?

Can it be rear tires, or differntial, or .....?

Do I need to grease the bearing where the driveshafts come together in the middle of truck? How? There is a hole in the bearing housing, but I don't see any zerk fitting or sign of grease.

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