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I purchased a new Leer 100R cap, topper or camper shell (not sure which label is correct) for my 2016 CM 4x4 last Summer and am just now writing a review.

The cap fits pretty well and it does not leak any water. It does not come close to touching any of my paint, other than the tailgate where the hatch meets the tailgate.

I was very concerned about my paint, so I put a strip of 3M clear paint protection film about an inch around my bed and tailgate prior to putting the cap on the truck. However, the only place it is needed is the tailgate. I looked at some ARE caps (on Fords) before buying the Leer and they were definitively laying directly on the paint. I was not able to look at any Leer caps on trucks before I bought mine, so I really did not know if they lay on the paint or not. The dealer said it would not, so I went to pick it up with the intention of rejecting it if it did.

The plastic OEM bed rail caps were very easy to pop off (just pull on them just right) when I pulled them to install the 3M film FYI.

Overall I am pretty happy with it thus far. I did lose most of the ventilation of the back window when it is rolled down. I do not feel I lost any visibility with the cap on (I pulled the tint off my back window).

Anyway, hopefully this review may help someone.


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