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Both front doors actuators have quit working.
After much research I thought I would see what type of motor I have as the replacement motor is $7 vs. $160 for the actuator.

So I took down my door panel and pulled out the actuator.
After I looked over the part I put the door back together and now the door lock will not engage when I attempt to use the interior button.

Clearly I did not put something back correctly, but at this point I have no idea what I missed.
I put the rod from the key lock back into the actuator and reconnected the cables to the door panel.
I tried to switch up the cables. In one position the door lock button will move but will not engage.
In the other position the door handle works, but the lock button will not move

Does anyone either now what I did wrong?
Is there a diagram or instructions on how to properly replace the actuator and still have the door locks work?

As it stands now I have no way to lock the drivers door.

Please help.

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