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I have the factory remote start installed on my '07. I used to use it all the time before I had the Haltech ECU installed. It still works with the Haltech there but the problem is I need to have a constant CEL light on to have access to all the power my engine can output (to avoid limp modes at WOT). To put it simply, I need a CEL to stay on at all times.

Now the remote start still works but as soon as the ECU realizes that there is a CEL on, it shuts off the engine again in about 2-3 seconds.

My question is, is there a way to bypass this feature? I'm guessing there is a wire somewhere that gets grounded when a CEL is on and thus telling the remote start to shut off. I know it might be a long shot, but it would be well worth it for me. If there is no other solution I might simply get an aftermarket remote start.

Thanks in advance :)

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