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my white 2008 v6
double cab
automatic with the console shift
toyo Open Country tires - 65psi in front and 55psi in back
k&n cold air intake
some kind of free-flo muffler....NO header
tailgate replaced with a cheap and light fifth-wheel tailgate
original spare is still there....thought about getting it out from under there though
front and rear tin can bumpers removed with very heavy aftermarket ones
yellow high dollar battery

just hit 90,000 miles

the v6 is supposed to have the plugs changed at 30,000....but i didnt do that until 80, i did the coil packs too.
when i pulled the side had one brand.....and the other side a different brand. i dont remeber why....maybe something about one side of the motor gets hotter than the other. but i will say brand of plugs was deteriorated to the point of amazement....while the other brand did not look too bad.

i have never changed the fuel filter.

one time i changed the tranny fluid - by mistake. it was dark....i was going to drop the oil and let it drip all night and finish the next day. once i realized my mistake i bought the correct tranny fluid and a length of hose that would pressure fit over the replacement fluid container tip and once i found - by way of feeling with my fingers - the removable bolt/plug to fill the tranny.... i inserted the hose and squeezed new fluid until it was full according to spec measures. not as bad as i thought it would be and i dont remember how i got the fill-plug off....but i do remember thinking THANK GOD when it reversed without much fuss and without actually being able to see what i was doing.

i couple of times my instrument panel went nuts - seems like after splashing my way through 10" deep rain puddles in the road - all gauges were doing erratic things or not working. i think the fix was that huge mess of wiring that clicks into connection at the passenger firewall .... i undid it and cleaned it up a bit with air and gauges returned to normal. another time it did it again and i could not get them going again. after deciding i would do the unthinkable....take it to a shop....i pulled into the local pizza joint and smacked the parking barrier curb at the head of the parking space - and all my gauges came back to me. this is quite strange because i drive where i need to go without regard to curb, pothole or median.....and those type of bumps never reversed the gauges to their abnormal state.

i pull a lawn equipment trailer when the 1999 ford f250sd is down and i drive fearless and as if i own the police department. im not sure where any of you drive where you can actually keep the truck floored long enough for it to clear passing gear because i cant ever stay that heavy on the pedal in north dallas/fort worth area for very long before having to come off of the gas....but i will say this...with the CAI and nice muffler loud like a jet and i am happy because man likes that sound.

i get 300 miles per tank if i bury the needle into empty.....which i hate to do. i normally fill up when i hit empty and warning light comes on....265 miles on that tank of gas...but often cant get but 22 gallons in the tank....leaving 2 gallons still in there i think.

this vehicle loves 93 octane fuel

i can dent this vehicle with a stern look...not cool.

lost my antennae in an automatic car wash.

just got a love note from toyota telling me my door handles stick on occasion....its true....and to bring it in for a recall.

my headlights are original and fogged - i cant find an aftermarket glass replacement. all bulbs are LED replacement except headlights which are some sort of $75 sylvania bulbs from oreillys.

added aftermarket amp and speakers to stock single disc player....but i still got no bass to speak of

the console setup with the automatic looks and feels great - when i get into the 1999 ford f250 sd it feels weird and junky to change tranny selection on the column.

i wish the console shift area was easily removable so i could wash it off more better than the never doing it i currently am subjected to.

ive worn the driver seat out by sliding in and out of it over the years....i fixed that with a real cowhide - i removed the headrest and draped the hide over the seat - centered the hide on the seat - and the i took my spyderco and stabbed the hide where required to reinstall the headrest, seat adjustment knobs/levers and seat belt connection. that cost $200 per seat and the natural leather hide naturally adheres to the cloth seats and rarely needs any adjustment. the hide hair allows for easy slip in and out of the seat and looks better than stock.

the front passenger floorboard mat should have stay-in-place fasteners

this truck has never left me stranded or disappointed in any way

i will answer any questions you might have about this model.

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