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2016 SR5 Dbl Cab TRD 4x4 Towing 4.6L V8 SR5 Upgrade Interior, Toyota Special Order One-Off
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My dealer has recommended three service maintenance concerns. One i think is flat out BS. The other two I buy, but question the cost.
I own a 2016 SR5 Dbl Cab. 4.6L V8, TRD, 4x4, Tow Package.
104,000 miles.
Garage Kept, Great Care, Great Shape, Never an issue.
About to take a long trip. Had some routine things done. Tire Rotation, Oil Change, Coolant Flush & Fill.

1. New Lug Nuts $500.00 I Took Advantage of a FREE offer @ Toyota for a Multi-Point Inspection: In checking the breaks...Lug Nuts are swollen! Needed a different size socket to pull the tires? Never heard of it! My Costco Tires are rotated every 5000, NO PROBLEM. upon my inspection the lugs look GREAT! I was told that "in the event of a roadside flat, my emergency lug wrench may not fit". I'm thinking BULL SHIT! So, now I question the other recommendations as well...

2. Spark Plug Change, recommended at 100K, $225.00?

3. Transfer Case & Differential Fluid Change $200.00?

I would love some input here.

Thanks, Mike
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