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Hi guys, first post here. I have a 2016 TRD PRO DC stock that I mainly use for camping trips in Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. I do not tow, so most of the other threads regarding rear end sag report issues while towing. I load the bed full with fire wood, beer, bikes, and whatever else and typically see a 1.5in to 2in sag. I don’t like the sensation of looking up while driving, especially on old logging roads with areas of water erosion. So to my question.

Has anyone installed SumoSprings on a PRO? If so why did you choose Solo vs Rebel? Why did you choose light duty vs medium duty? How do they perform with 500 vs 1000#s in the bed? Does anyone off-road with SumoSprings Rebels on a PRO?

Thanks guys.
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