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Ranch Hand Bullnose Bumper...

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Yay or Nay? (They make a winch ready one too)

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Nay. Doesn't roll with the lines of the truck. Unless you are strictly using it for functionality

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Not for me either.
Nay. Doesn't flow at all. Looks like a homemade bumper for a dodge.

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Get a smittybilt. They are winch ready too!

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I agree with most here. I was just curious to know what other's thought. I had a Bull Nose on my F250 and it looked good, but the truck was more square than a Tundra is. I agree the lines don't match.
I will say they are far from homemade though, Ranch Hand makes good stuff.

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Nay more of a Fab Four guy myself.

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Nay, smitty built or even the road armor will follow the truck lines better than that
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The smittybilt kicks ass! And there is a winch in there

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I love ranch hand. Without a doubt my faborite, but that doesn't look the best on the tundra.
For the price, you will not beat it. It's tough and priced right. I'd say do it if you don't want to swing an extra 700 for another bumper

For the record, I have a ranch hand grille guard kn my truck and almost bought this when it came out two years ago and I had the chance at cost
Here is another one just to show, this one made by Tough Country. Doesn't look quite as square, but still not sure if it fits the lines of the Tundra. Looks better than the Ranch Hand though. (and yea, I got distracted by that 2nd pic too....)

There are some more photos on their website:
Tough Country :: Toughen Up Your Ride With Tough Country

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The backside ain't bad. :D RH has one of the best prices around. For the price, it's not bad. You could pay 4x in order to look bad though. But then again, that's what we do a lot anyway.
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