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Quote for icon coilovers

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Got a quote today for icon 2.5's all around with tube uca's for 2400, billet UCA for 2900, Installed with alignment. What do you guys think?
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The price quoted less the price you can buy them on online puts you at about $230 for installation and alignment. I'd do it!
Thanks for the links. Looks like it's 500 for labor by my math. That sounds fair to me, I'm gonna try to wrestle some tax money from the old lady, she's still sore about the wheels and tires and exhaust and bilsteins.... Lol
That doesn't include the back? You said all around.
That doesn't include the back? You said all around.
It doesn't include the back, I messed up. Going to put bags on the rear, so I'm thinking keep the stock rears until I have more cash for the 2.5's? Or should I go with 2.0's and be done with it if I'm getting bags?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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