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Hey guys Out here in California on the west coast. Been a member on ford forums for years but now that the transmission is popping out slowly I decided to sell it and get a Toyota tundra 2013. Looking at the Trd package at the moment and black as my main color. Possibly white. As my 2008 f150 4x4 is lifted on a 4 inch lift with 33s on 17s I'm all about being able to do it all and not be limited to just a "lifted truck". I use my truck for daily driving and of course want the capability to go off road and get anywhere I need to. Also be able to tow a boat and occasionally haul some dirt bikes in the back of it of course. I want a well handling truck that is lifted and looks GOOD (don't we all) and can still be a daily driver for me.

I've heard lots of things about people changing their gear ratio when lifting tundras and putting 35 inch tires on it? Is that common? Price isn't a problem for me when I'm buying my new truck. I need some setup ideas for this kind of concept. ... Best suspension package with coil overs and sway bars that type of thing. Also exhaust as well. Air intakes? Programmers? Changing gear ratio ??

Never owned a Toyota but have always heard amazing things about them so I'm gonna give them my money and I know I won't be turned down badly.

All replys and comments are greatly appreciated! Thank you
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