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Problems with install of Supreme Suspensions 3/1

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I tried installing this today but having a hell of a time installing the 2 lower control arm bolts. Even with the jack under the lca, it gets to a point where it seems to start lifting the car. I just stopped and figure I would go at it again tomorrow after I get rest and think it over. Anyone else can chime in on this BS their method?
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Unfortionatlly I did not install this myself, but I did buy this level and I love it and thier customer service. I payed 250 dollars to a ompany here in phx that installs leveling kits for all but 1 or 2 deallers in the phx area so I knew what they were doing and they had it done in about 3 hrs
loosen the UCA's and mount the LCA then re-install the UCA. Or have someone push down on the UCA's!
Definately have to push the UCAs down. You can use a pry bar off the strut mount if you need to.
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