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Looking for a small (blue) LED that I can mount under the lip above the power points so that I can not only see them but also that forward cup holder. The interior lighting doesn't do it, plus, I think it would look cool.
Would also like to change out dash lights to blue , I am sure there is a post about those somewhere on here just cant find it

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Welcome to the forum.

What year is your truck?
My 2014 dash lights are kinda blue already.

I added a couple leds to my 2014 console.
One in the area you suggested area and one behind the cup holder.
I tapped into the dash switch dimmer circuit so I could dim them down.
They projected light higher than I wanted, so I cut a tiny piece of electrical tape on covered part of the led.
Turned out perfect.

I used these lights.
Blue led, black

Here is my thread on it..
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