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Hi all,
I am currently in the market for a new truck. Whether it is a used or brand new one, just not certain yet. I currently own a 2005 Nissan Titan LE crewcab, with every option. Would compare option and style wise to a platinum edition Tundra. I wish I did more research like this before buying the Titan.

I bought it used but ran into so many issues with it, even after fixing them, some of the failures are repeat because of poor design and such.
I also tow a Travel Trailer 29ft Shasta Revere, which is about 6700 dry weight. Loaded up, I am guessing 8000 to 8500 including passengers in the TV and other gear.
So I need something that will tow very well. I live in New England so mountainous areas are abundant.

Also I am wondering about issues with the later models, say 2010 and up.
As well as towing experiences with heavy TT's or other.

I have seen some listing issues with the older drive shafts and some newer models having transmission issues. It's hard to gauge how widespread these issues are and whether the dealers stand behind them or not because I read some bad things here.
Any info is appreciated both good and bad.
thanks all looking forward to purchasing in the next month or so..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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