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I have a 2007 tundra double cab 4x4 5.7. I bought it last year with 42,000 miles and it currently has 65,000 miles. When i first bought it it was getting roughly 18 MPG because i have a 90 mile commute each day at 60 mph. I started noticing a ticking sounds coming from the drivers side when the motor is under a load. It has recently got worse and you can even hear it under acceleration. The noise gets very annoying when spending 10 hours a day in the truck and i have noticed my MPG has dropped to around 16. I took it to the dealership when to have the power window switch repaired under recall and i asked them to look at it. The answer I received was it's normal noise and do worry about it unless something major goes wrong. I refuse to believe that and I have a 100,000 powertrain warranty. Other posts are stating numerous problems with exhaust leaks. Anyone have any idea with the most common problem is and if the powertrain warranty will cover it? I've read posts stating fractured manifolds, air injection tube gaskets? Any chance I can get it repaired under the emissions regulations?
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