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I have a 2018 sr5 tundra that is bone stock. I was probing for a power supply and think I made a nice big screw up this time.
the issues

1. No TPMS, The warning light flashes a few times and stays on solid
2. SRS airbag system malfunction warning on the display (no other info on airbags)
3. Remote locks not functioning ( I can lock/unlock with the button on the door still)
4. No heat (a/c and defrost still work fine but I get no heat and only blows on dash not on the floor setting)

Is there a fuse for the BCM that I am missing somewhere?
could it be anything else?
I am a complete idiot when it comes to electrical components so dont be ashamed to talk to me like Im clueless
any help, suggestions, tips, or tricks would be greatly appreciated. This issue is not stopping me from driving the truck but it is VERY IRRITATING Gadget Font Display device Electronic device Machine
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