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I found that many people who are starting to get into detailing find that there is a lot to learn. One of the most common questions is pads for a DA and which color is for what process...

I have tried to make this simple. For more info go to Auto geeks and research dual action pads. Polishing pads, buffing pads, buffing accessories, backing plates, porter cable pads, flex polishing pads

Lake Country Pad:
Yellow - Cutting
Orange - Light Cutting
White - Polishing
Green - Light Polishing / Finishing
Gray - Light Finishing
Blue - Finessing/Jeweling
Red - Ultrasoft Wax/Sealant

Microfiber - Heavy Cutting
Yellow - Cutting
Orange - Med Cutting
Green - Polish
Blue - Final Polish
Black - Wax/Sealant

Cobra Cross Groove:
Orange - light cutting
White - Polishing
Gray - Finishing
Blue - Final finishing
Red - Jeweling

Please feel free to comment and add to the list.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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