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P2195 2008 Toyota Tundra SRT 3URFE 5.7

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200Toyota Tundra 5.7 SRT VIN 5TRFB54108X053181
Engine code 3URFE 223000 miles

P2195 and P0430 HELP!!!!

What’s been done is listed below
Replaced all AF front and 02 rear sensors Twice with Toyota Sensors.
Replaced fuse block and relay
Replaced ECU
Replaced catalytic converters
Replaced PVC valve
Replaced fuel pressure regulator
Replaced all injectors
Pulled intake manifold and replaced gaskets and resealed.
Replaced MAF sensor
Replaced air cleaner
Replaced checked all vacuum lines
Smoke tested intake
Smoke tested pressure tested exhaust system
Fuel pressure at idle is 41 to 43 pounds

Comes on after about 25 miles
Can run in shop indefinitely without any codes

Runs great but seems rich
Checked STF and LTF trims and AF readings. 02 readings both sides appear very close to same numbers.

any ideas. Fuel pump is the next thing to change out. I have a Launch V431 Scanner
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Have you changed so many things? Isn't that great?
Does the truck run good outside of the codes or does it have a miss or rough idle. It could be a bad/corroded connection or wire causing a false error.
Runs awesome. I switched out the bank 1 AF sensor and the P2195 went away for now but a P0420 code came up on bank 1 now. Reset it and waiting to see what happens. Hoping the cat will clean up. Thinking it is caused by the P2195 code.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts