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Hello everyone,

I would like to answer another question that we received from forum member, Breathing Borla:

"Does Toyota want to lead the class in any category or is the only focus to offer the best perceived reliability?"

The answer:

This is a very good question that speaks to the core values of Toyota and the value we place on our customers. The goal of Toyota is to provide the safest, highest-quality, dependable and most reliable vehicles possible, to meet the needs of all our customers. Whether the vehicle is a Tundra, Corolla or Lexus, the same commitment to safety and these values is what makes a Toyota unique. The focus of every vehicle we design and build is to provide the customer, wherever in the world, a vehicle that meets the needs of the customer. These needs might be horsepower, fuel economoy, price of the vehicle or dependability. If we focus only on being a leader or being (use "number one" or "No. 1" per dictionary) in any field, we lose focus of our values and the needs of our customers.

This is why Tundra has received accolades that include 2014 "Best Resale Value Award." In addition, 90% of Tundras sold over the last ten years are still on the road.

Also, at 75%, no other full-size pickup has more North American (U.S./Canadian) parts content than the Tundra.

Toyota will always continue to adapt to the marketplace and provide vehicles that continue to meet the needs and surpass the demands of our customers.

Thanks again for the great question.

Program Manager for Tundra Vehicle Development

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As long as Toyota will always stand behind the products they sell I will be happy. I buy Toyota and keep them , as I hope my tundra will be a keeper.
I put my faith in the fact that Toyota will continue to lead the industry in reliability and standing behind their product.

Otherwise I will be forced to do like BB and buy a ram next time.

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Thanks for answering the question Bob, I appreciate your time

even though I went with a Ram truck this time, I buy lots of trucks and follow the tundra closely, after all I bought 3 tundras already.

I am very familiar with the toyota culture as my dad (before he retired) was a national parts distribution manager and I basically grew up in toyotas, moved all around the country as he opened new warehouses (aurora, IL), etc.

look forward to new developments
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