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Do you like the 2014 Tundra?

  • A. Yes

    Votes: 53 15.2%
  • B. No

    Votes: 101 29.0%
  • C. Kind of, but Toyota should have done more

    Votes: 194 55.7%
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I agree with many of you. I do not like the new design.

I'm sure glad I got my 2012. What drew me to the Tundra to begin with was the mean look which looks nothing like the big 3. The big 3 all have a tradition truck appearance. Not sure if that even makes sense. The Tundra, at least to me, has a more aggressive look viewing it from the front as well as looking at it angled from either front left or right corner. The rounded edges lend even more to that aggressive look. The windscreen appears to be angled a bit more as if to be more aerodynamic. Makes the truck look fast. Looking at it from the side, the curved line above the rear wheel also lends to the speedy look. Now, looking at it from the rear, I like how wide those taillights make it look. I saw another poster state that it has "a fat ass". Exactly. On the inside, the dash cluster appealed to me. It did not look like the traditional cluster. The deep tubes was something I had never seen. These features are what drew me to purchase my first Tundra.

This new design has gone totally opposite. Again, this is just my opinion. The truck looks like a blend of the big 3. Front and sides look like a GMC. Like I said, glad I got mine already. I'll wait a few years before considering another purchase. :)
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