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Not much of a car guy, so talk to me like I'm ignorant. :)

I have a deal on some free tires and some cheaply priced rims. I have a 2003 Tundra, with 16" rims, the new rims would be 17". My tires are P265 75R16 and the new ones would be P235/65R17.

Using the size calculator, this would reduce my overall diameter from 31.65 to 29.03.

Any implications I should be aware of for this, other than speedometer/odometer issues?

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Going smaller should never be a problem other than the speedometer/mileage being off, but:

Make sure the bolt pattern is the same or it will not fit.
If the wheels have a different offset than your stock wheels then they will either stick out more than stock (likely) or be tucked in more than stock (not likely).
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