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After installing the 3" leveling kit on my 4x4 CM Tundra I now get a "thud" feeling/noise in the front end once I break ~35mph. The noise does speed up with the speed of the truck and I'm worried it's an issue with the axle joints. First off I ran out of day-light during the install and wasn't able to get the differential drop install. but after reading on here that many people don't even use the drop I wasn't so sure that it's my issue. Secondly, I it was a major challenge to get the sway bar re-installed and I'm not sure if that could be a root of my issue as well. I've check that I didn't leave any bolt/nuts loose and everything feel solidly in place. Needless to say the alignment it way off but I'll get it aligned once my new wheels come in.

I just did the install yesterday and immediately park the truck do to the sound, until I could get the differential drop install after work this evening. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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