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Nittos or mickeys?

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I am buying a set of 35x12.50x20 tires for my 2011 double cab with a 3 inch spacer kit. I have narrowed it down between Mickey Thompson ATZs or Nitto Trail Grapplers. Next fall I will be driving 5 hours to college a few times of year so tread life will be an issue. Opinions and reviews appreciated.

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Have you looked at the Toyo AT2? They are the "Extreme" version in that size. I just put 305 55 20 and really like them! Good luck

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If you are only considering mikeys or nittos, go nittos. Longer life and cheaper. If you are open to other brands go toyo mt or federal couriga mt. Both cheaper than nittos and very comparable life span.

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Toyo's AtII Extreme if you can find them.
The Nitto's look pretty sick...but I've never run them and don't know anybody with them. A friend of mine has the MT ATZ's in 35's on his F-150 and he seems to like them pretty good. Those tires came on his truck when he bought it, but they ride pretty smooth and didn't seem to have too much noise to them.
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