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Hello everyone,

Just sold my 2010 FJ Cruiser and purchased myself a brand new 2014 blue ribbon metallic Tundra DC this weekend. Loving it so far. My mind is already going crazy and thinking of what to buy for it and what to mod, etc.

Here is my to do list so far, nothing crazy yet. I've searched a bunch on the forums already and found a bunch of stuff already, but would love some feedback as to what you guys think is best:

1) Gotta get those windows tinted, that's a must, best place to get this done in Norman, anyone?

2) Dual Exhaust - Looking to spend 200-300 at the most, no idea where to start here, I'm really just wanting that sound, not a douche bag, promise, lol.

3) Keyless Entry + Remote Start: I asked pretty much every question I could think of at the dealership and thought I covered it all, then the guy hands me the keys and I couldn't believe it didn't have keyless entry. So now I'm trying to find the best keyless entry + remote start combo that can work from a key fob and/or iPhone. Any suggestions on this would be nice.

4) Black wheels. Debating selling my current wheels and buying black wheels or just doing one of the DIY's i've seen on here and painting them black myself.

Anyways, that's all I got. Glad to be a Tundra owner. Later

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