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I'm thinking about getting a Tundra and I'm coming from one of the big 3 :)

Is there a 2018 Tundra TRD Pro?
No, there is not. It ended in 17 for some odd reason.

However, all it really entailed was cheaper leather than a Platinum or Limited, no heat, no cooled seats, no sunroof, but a 2" leveled front end, which you can easily do on your own.

You can also buy the "Pro" suspension and put it on a new Tundra, but there are better options out there as it was pricey.

If you are not offroading, and just want it leveled, you can get a Plat or Limited and have a nicer truck, with better leather, heat, and cooling (Plat), sunroof, and just level/lift it.

The pro's were only 2" higher in the front.

As much as people act like they are super special, they are just a truck with better seats, leather/pleather, but no heat. Who wants leather with no heat? It was that reason I went with a 2017 Platinum, lifted the front 2.5 inches. I have a sunroof, puddle lights in the mirrors, led drl's, etc.

The 18 headlights are sweet too.

There are many options to level/lift whatever 18 model truck you purchase, or a leftover 17.

Realistically the "Pro" was just 2" higher in front. It did actually have great suspension, but for the price to add that to anything, you can get better if you actually offroad.
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