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Because, just speculating, but I think the price difference between a new and slightly used is pretty minimal, but financing percentages are lower for new than used. So that would either make new cheaper than slightly used or balance them out. Correct me if I'm wrong.
For one Bad Dad has an excellent point about tax. Many sellers are pretty cool and will let you put whatever amount "paid" in the title paperwork so you only pay tax on say $10k vice the $35k you actually paid. Colorado sales tax is highly dependent upon where you live in the state, county, city. Further I think what a lot of guys on here are getting at is that you are just graduating and likely do not have a job yet or much in the way of savings (like 8-10 months of income) so buying new may be a mistake, because lets face it life is great at kicking you in the teeth and then kicking you when your down. This is ESPECIALLY true when you are first getting started in life, a new job, just had kids etc...
You are correct about interest rates to a certain extent. I was lucky and scored my Tundra at 0% but saving $10-15k up front can make a huge impact on the total paid which is all that really counts. Lots to consider but it sounds like you are more than capable of doing all the long term math one should ideally do when buying.
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