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Hi All.

Recently purchased a 2010 Tundra to pick up the workload from my aging T-100. The "T" still runs great, but it's hard on the old beast pulling a loaded horse trailer thru the mountains.
The Tundra has thus far _failed_ my reliability test due to numerous random and seemingly unrelated CELs; VVT, Cylinder Misfires, Cam/Crank sensor, Evaporative Emissions, plus a couple of others I can't recall; just reset them and they haven't returned.
The VVT is particularly annoying, as it impacts the way the truck runs (Limp Mode?), and is very intermittent; the truck will go for several weeks with no problems, and then go thru a period of several days throwing P0021 and P0018 codes and running like crap. Sometimes the CEL will reset, sometimes not. Just can't have this sort of behavior while transporting my Large Children :p
Not too happy with my Tundra at this point, and hoping to find some answers here.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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