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Hey guys. Joined a long time ago but not having a Tundra I just searched and learned and kept quiet. Finally joined the club last week though so it’s time to say hello.
Long time Chevy guy from the word go. I’ve had a 1993 Indy 500 Pace truck Silverado, an 88 Regular Cab dually, 2002 regular cab short bed and a 2004 GMC crewcab Z71.
I caught the Tundra bug back in 2007 and I tried to work out a deal for a brand new 2008 TRD Double Cab 4x4 but I was buying my first house and relocating for work so it just didn’t work out. I had been driving the 2002 for about 3 yearsat that point and was blown away when I test drove the Tundra. The Silverado had a 4.8 and a Vortech Supercharger but still didn’t make the power the 5.7 does.
Fast forward to now and I’ve still got the 02 and it’s still running strong with low miles but doesn’t fit the family and I’m just tired of it after almost 14 years. I bought the 04 Sierra crewcab for just that reason but in 12 months I did more repairs to it than I did to the 02 in 12 years. That coupled with the horrific gas mileage (6 inch lift and 35s) and rather anemic power (even after a swap to 4:88 gears) was more than I could deal with so it had to go.
Been patiently researching and testing various makes and models for a year or so and I was getting frustrated by the compromises with each option. I had stopped looking at the Tundra much because the prices were out of my budget for what I wanted but I decided to just start looking and be patient and I’m glad I did.
Picked up a silver 2007 XSP Double Cab last week with 70k miles. Black leather is nearly perfect, carpets look like new. Couple minor scratches and that’s it. Subaru dealer in Gainesville had taken it on trade. I’ve only put about 500 miles on it so far but I am in love with this thing. I got the cab space and the full-size bed I need and the power I crave. Would have loved to have gotten into the newer body style but I am excited about not having to buy a truck with 150k miles and it gives me something to look forward to down the line.


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