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New to Me 07 Tundra- Great Deal?

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Hi All, I used to have an 07 SR5, sold it, regretted it, and now am the proud owner of a new to me 07 Limited. I think if I'm not mistaken that I got a killer deal. Like I said it's an 07 Limited Crewmax TRD, 5.7. 4 x 4 with TRD intake and Borla Dual exhaust. I've been lurking on the craigslist for the past year and saw this one but the guy didn't advertise it was a 4 x 4. For a month I looked at it and kept passing by it. For the fun of it I decided to text one day "is it 4 x 4"? He responded. "Yes, of Course." :lol5: So needless to say I bought it cash for $17,000. Only negative was it has 96k miles. Other than that the truck is great with a clean carfax!
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Welcome and congrats.
Sounds like a good deal to me, welcome....:)
My Tundra is similar; same set up w/ 95K on the odo. I was looking to trade for a 2013 and the stealership offered me $22K in trade. $17K for your Tundra sounds like a smoking hot deal to me.
Needs a lift and wheels. But I love it.

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Yeah. I think I stole it. Just can't believe he didn't post 4 x 4 on his ad.

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Think it has too many miles for an SC?

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Yes, too many miles. Better off sticking to things you can remove and put on a newer Tundra down the road.
Welcome to TT
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