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I know I have asked a lot of questions on here, but I finally made a decision, and finally got it installed.

I ended up getting a JVC Arsenal KW-ADV65BT HU and a Kicker 11HS8 powered sub.

I decided on the JVC because it is the only removable face that had all the features that I wanted. It is awesome. DVD, bluetooth, ipod/ipad functions, Pandora, nav through the iphone, back up camera, video output to an external monitorand an internal crossover to keep from blowing my factory speakers.

I also went with the Kicker because of its small size and the good reviews it has received. I was not looking for enough thump to rattle my mirrors, just enough bass to fill out my sound. I was really surprised that it has plenty of thump to rattle my mirrors at just halfway up. It takes up very little room and was really pretty easy to hook up. The sound is very clear and with the internal crossover in the JVC, it provides me with pretty high quality overall sound.

I am totally happy with my music now.

I appreciate all the advise I received here.
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