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First and foremost I would look very carefully at anything that could possibly void your warranty.

For suspension I like the look of the TRD rims, keep them and you can often fit 295s or 305s on them with proper lift. BFGs are standard but I also have a set of Coopers for my snow tires and I like them as well. When the BFGs wear out I plan on going for a 3/1 level with a set of Nitto 295/70/18.
Lift vs level is the age old conundrum. You likely won't find a dealer that will warranty a lift but I have heard cases of dealers installing level kits that maintain your warranty, Readylift is the ones I heard of but there may be others.
Bed liner is a personal preference but I generally think the DIY ones can't hold a candle to the pros. I have Line-X but know people with Rhino, it seems decently durable as well. The main thing about any spray is prep, I have a buddy who has gone through several trucks and got various parts of them Line-x'd (hood, tailgate, rocker panels, step bars, rims, whole Ram 1500) and all at the same place, he has got a chance to see them prep and says they sand everything. If you go to a place that promises a complete job in 3 hours then don't bother going there.

The truck looks really nice, pure white and black are classic colours but can look quite modern. It looks like your back bumper is matched, are you going to swap your front corners to white as well?

Keep us posted, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Except donating blood. Maybe don't overdo that.
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