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New member looking for my 1st Tundra

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Greetings Tundra Team,

I currently own a Camry and now I'm ready to jump to a higher seat with a Tundra. I'm in the market to purchase a 2010-2012, very low mileage, 4x4, Double cab, V6 engine. However, a 4.6L V8 is a second choice.

Although I'm in Wisconsin, It doesn't matter where in the US it's located. Hit me up at [email protected]

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Welcome to the forum from Western PA. The mpg difference between the three engines is small. Your second choice should be your first choice. Actually, if you could swing it, you should go for a 5.7. More member regret not getting a 5.7 than the other way around. But if the $$ is major issue, at least go for a 4.6. You are much less likely to not regret your decision later.
Welcome from okl.

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Welcome to the forum from Ohio!
If your using it for the bed space a dbl cab is better than the crew max. But if you want cabin space you may want to consider the crewmax. Coming from a camry I would think a crewmax would fit the bill better. Many guys here love their dbl cab but some guys regret not getting the crewmax. Sorry if I made your decision tougher. Just some food for thought.
I 2nd the 5.7 vs the 4.6 also.

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