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Hello everyone. I'm Mike and live in the suburban Chicagoland area. I stumbled onto this site researching Tundra's for a future possible purchase and here's my story...

I've owned a few Toyota's in the past including a 2000 4Runner for 8 years, which was by far the best vehicle I ever owned. We also had a 2002 Land Cruiser for a few years, which was just as reliable. And we currently have a 2013 Sienna SE which we bought new because we now have 3 kids. This one we plan on keeping forever. It's paid off and besides a fluke bad water pump replaced in warranty, has been just as trouble-free as the other Toyota's.

We got a travel trailer to go camping at the beginning of last year and need a truck to pull it. Never owning a pick-up before, I listened to my brother in law who suggested I get a F-510. I figured since they were the best selling truck since forever, it was for a reason. So shortly after getting the camper, I got a used 2013 F-150 XLT Super Crew 4x4 with the 5.0 V8. It pulls the camper fine and the engine and trans have been OK, but there have been some electrical issues that have become annoying. The rear defroster doesn't work and the only fix is to replace the entire back window glass! The side mirror heater works intermittently. And there's a weird low battery warning message every time I arrive somewhere and turn the ignition off. I researched that one and the only fix is to go to the dealer and have a diagnostics test done. No thanks. And I know the battery is fine.

So basically, I've realized I never should have strayed form Toyota in the first place. I would like a Tundra, and I'd consider a 2018, but I'm hearing rumors there might be an all-new Tundra for 2019 with a new more efficient powerplant and 8 or 10 speed transmission which would be great for towing the camper. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks and hope to be a regular here and contribute what I can.
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