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New member from Corpus Christi Tx

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Hello, I am from cc tx i had just bought today a 2013 black on black tss toyota crewcab tundra. this is my first toyota i have ever had. I really like it. But i am stuck on one problem.. what fenders should i get the smooth ones or the one with the groments on them? Well thank you for having me here and have a awesome day.
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Welcome! Lots to look at here!
thanks mane
Welcome to TT from Central Texas. I would say if you have high offset in your rim go with the smooth flares but if your rims are low in offset and stick out then get the bushwacker fender flares that have the bolt heads on them. Both will look great tho.
i eneded up getting the flairs with the bolts in them looks killer.
Welcome and congrats on both your truck and the flares. I got my wheels with 18mm offset because I wanted BW pocket style flares (the kind you got). I wanted my tires to be flush with the flares.
Hello and welcome fellow Texan, I think you made the right choice. When I was looking for my truck I was very anti-giant shiny bolt showing fender flares(so was the wife), then we walked up to my future truck(the dealer had already installed the flares)and fell in love.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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