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I have been looking for a decent mid level set of components to replace my 15 year old Polk Momo MM465's. The Polks have done great but one of the tweeters started rattling and, I think, finally gave up the ghost so the search was on. My budget was in the $400-$500 range. While I reasearched I bought a set of Image Dynamics CTX6.5cs components. I've heard good things about them and the price was right at so I bought them and put them in. Besides, if I liked them enough, maybe I wouldn't have to go out and spend more money on a set of speakers. They are very good speakers for the money but they are not in the same category as what I was looking for. They did do a great job while I waited and figured out what I wanted, though, so they are a viable option if you are looking to stay under $200 for your components. They are also for sale if anybody wants to PM me about them.

The components that I had in mind to look at were the Hertz HSK165 from their High Energy line, the Rainbow SLC265.25, and the Hybrid Audio Technologies (HAT) Unity Series U61-2. The only thing close to me that I could listen to was the Hertz and the absolute best deal I could find locally was $450. I Was never able to find a set of Rainbows to listen to and I really wish I had been able to because it may have made my decision much more difficult. I was able to hear a set of the HAT Clarus C61-2 and they sounded outstanding but they are also a $650 set of speakers and I still hadn't heard what the Unity series sounded like. I was pretty much set on going with the Hertz set but there was just something about them that made me pause. I listen to mostly metal, rock, alternative, etc...and like a speaker with a very warm sound with a lot of punch and a pretty laid back tweeter. This was my major complaint about the lower Focal lines. Unless you pay $600 for a set of speakers, the tweeters are pretty harsh.

At that point I contacted a vendor from an audio board I belong to. I trust his judgement and told him that I just didn't think I would be happy with the Hertz because I thought they lacked in midbass, although I love the tweeter. I told him I saw a few people rave about the CDT HD line and I was interested in them. After some banter back and forth he shot me a price that was just as good or better than anyplace online selling CDT without warranties and, since I bought from him and they were drop shipped from CDT in California, I have a full warranty.

I wound up going with the HD-62AS. They are 6.5" mids, 1" silk dome tweeters, 1" silk dome imaging tweeters, and the newest version of CDT's 24 db/octave passive crossovers. CDT Audio HD 62 . One of the cool things about this system is that it comes with a set of imaging tweeters that are designed to mount in the upper corners of the windshield pointed toward the center of the dash. This raises the soundstage and makes it seem as if the music is happening right in front of you. The HD line handles a lot of power and is well known for the very punchy midbass that they are capable of.

Here are some install pics. The box arrived.

Here is everything waiting to go in. It took me all of about 30 minutes to start on it. I really wanted to give it a listen.
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Here is a couple of shots of the mid in the Tacotunes adapter, the mid and tweeter in the door, and the Tweeter in the sail panel. CDT (and everyone else for that matter) says to never put your tweeters in the sail panels because they are too far away from the mid and your ears are able to pick out very distinctly where the music is coming from and they tend to sound harsh. I figured my last tweeters were in the sail panels so I would start there and I could move them in need be. It is also one of the only places aside from the stock location in the dash that a tweeter can go without doing a whole lot of cutting or fabrication.
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Here is a couple of pictures of the passive crossovers. They are very well built and you can see they have an extra set of outputs for the imaging tweeters. They have 5 different level adjustments for the imaging tweeters and the other switch is so you can switch between running a 5.25" mid and a 6.5" mid.
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And here is a picture of the regular tweeter in the sail panel and the imaging tweeter in the upper corner of the windshield. The imaging tweeter does exactly what it is supposed to and does it well. My music images right in the middle of my dashboard.
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When I listened to them for the first time I got a big cheese eating grin across my face like I remember getting at Christmas. The first thing I did was turned the subs off and adjusted the gains correctly. Then I started playing. About halfway through the third or fourth demo song, I realized I hadn't turned my subs back on. OK, it wasn't quite like that but I am absolutely amazed at the amount of midbass these speakers have. When My subs were turned off, The front stage was rattling the coke can in my cup holder. You could almost do without a sub with these. The mids handle a lot of power and are crystal clear as well. The silk dome tweeters are very smooth and not harsh or in your face, even in the sail panels. I don't have half the imaging issues I had with my Polks and the CDT's actually require less EQ to tune. The imaging tweeters do their job great.

The bottom line is that I'm glad I listened to the advice I got and tried these speakers out. They are warm sounding, very detailed, and crystal clear. Just how I like them. If you're in the market for a set of speakers in this price range, give these a serious look, they definitely compare favorably to every other mid level SQ component set I've seen or heard.
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