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Hey guys!
So, finally made an account here.. been over at Tundrasolutions for a while, meow..

Thought I'd finally start one up here too!

I currently reside in Riverside, CA
My Ride is a 2000 TRD 4.7 4x4 with some goodies..
5100's w/ a 2 1/2 inch lift all around,Poly. Steering Bushings, Helwig 770 Rear Sway Bar, Campershell, Volant Intake, Electric Fan, Long Tube headers, with a true dual exhaust, and BAMufflers.. courtesy of Keith(Escondidotundra @ Tundrasolutions) BAMuffler/Dirty Deeds Industries.

Here's some pics of my truck:

Here's some of my mods:

Passenger side headers

Driver side headers

Exhaust system

More Exhaust system

Electric Fan

Dyno Pulls
(Top line is best pull stock- Bottom Line is best pull after exhaust.. 34hp 34 tq gains! + major MPG increases)

Shoot.. that's all I can find!

Here's a link to my exhaust build, If anyone is interested!
OFFICIAL 1st Gen Long Tube headers and BAmuffler True duals thread! (Many pictures)

And I hope to contribute here!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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