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Hi everyone, just picked up a 2011 crewmax with only 5,500 on the clock. Got it a week ago and got a spectacular deal, completely showroom mint. I love it. I've already got a set of 18x9 KMC XD Monster wheels and Terra Grapplers on the way along with some HID's from DDM. I dont plan on going nuts with it, it's just my daily and I'll be using it to tow my car around once in a while to the track and whatnot. It's replacing my 1999 Ford F150 short bed regular cab rustbox lol.

The Tundra the day I brought it home.

My 06 Evo IX

Back-up plan for fun for when the evo is broken hahah. 2012 Duc 1199 S
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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