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Hello everyone!

I am excited to join this community and learn as much as I can from everyone. I finally decided that I want to buy a 2019 Tundra TRD Pro in Voodoo blue. After doing some reserarch, I am planning on buying the truck in December. I am currently driving a 2005 Honda CR-V with 180k on it. For me I don't need all the new bells and whistles that are coming with the 2020, since anything I buy will be a huge upgrade from the CR-V.

I have been tracking all 2019 Tundras in Voodoo blue across the U.S. on AutoTrader. I have been in contact with a local dealer and was told that Toyota does not negotiate prices on the TRD Pros and is not included in any of Toyota's incentives. I am trying to leverage the 50+ Voodoo blues that are still for sale. I must also note that if I can't get a deal on the TRD Pro, I am also interested in feedback on other Trim Levels. Having said all of this I could really use the community's help.

1. Does anyone know for sure that Toyota will not negotiate prices on the 2019 TRD Pro or will not have any incentives this coming December?
2. What other feedback do you guys have on the other Tundra trim levels?
3. What has Toyota done in previous years around December for TRD Pros and other trim levels that are still in inventory?
4. If you purchased a TRD Pro in December of previous years, what did you pay for your truck?
5. Any other tips or feedback that I didn't touch on that you think is good to know, I am all ears!

Thank you all so much in advance!

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