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2023 Capstone
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Just got my Tundra Hybrid Capstone! Thought I'd make my first post and share a photo. Picked it up last weekend at Claremont Toyota.

This tundra is replacing my 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 All Terrain SLT. I can't say I miss the v8 or the transmission from the GMC. 馃ぃ

I was wondering if anyone has removed the fake hood vents? does it leave any holes or marks?

A few things I need to get take care of:
1: passenger side door speaker rattle. I may try to tackle this myself..
2: exhaust leak ticking noise?

Future mods:
Westcott Designs Collar Lift? I have the advanced package with adaptive variable suspension and rear air leveling.
All Terrain Tires - I may just have to get a second set of wheels for these. Not sure how i feel about A/T tires on 22's

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Good lookin truck. I鈥檇 have the dealer handle the speaker rattle and ticking noise. Could be one in the same.

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I agree with @Blenton take it to the dealership. I mention any problems/ irritations when I get service under Toyota care. So far they have fixed nothing minor , I have to admit. I never had speaker or console rattle. I do have the dam door seal creak/shake noise. The tech ordered new window seals but they haven鈥檛 come in. It鈥檚 almost been a year. They fixed a bad waste gate on a turbo last January.
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