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Bought my first Tundra (and first new car ever for that matter) at the end of July. I got the 17' SR5 with Trd Off Road package in black. She is a beaut!!

I've been wanting to make a few simple mods and here is the first few i've lined up..

1. TRD Pro Grille Assembly (Black).

- Ordered from @Roman with Toyota of Cool Springs back in mid August, so hopefully orders for Black Grilles will begin to be filled starting this month. I definitely have the same sinking feeling as most (Black Grille seekers) that the date will just keep getting pushed back further.

2. Go Rhino RB20 Running Boards (non-textured version)

- So this is also a weird backorder situation! I really was looking forward to getting these aggressive looking steps and and found them for a total of $316 (20% off) from However, I ordered them early September and have recieved emails saying the shipping date has been pushed back. This has happened twice and now not shipping til first of November :(

3. Gtr Lighting Gen 3 LED Headlight replacements.

- I believe everyone is in agreeance that the stock lights and fogs on 14+ are pretty disappointing. I'm ordering these new LED "plug and plays" from Headlight Revolution today with high hopes! If anyone has had good success or negative opinions with these LED replacements, I'd love to hear about it either way! Hopefully these will actually ship in a timely manner and not get backordered also. Right now I've invested over 800$ and not seen a single dang product arrive at my doorstep, so the waiting game can be extremely frustrating!

Thanks for allowing me this little rant, and i'm sure there are a fair few 14+ Tundra owners that can empathize with me on the Pro Grilles for sure!
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