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I Recently moved to a rural area and am driving my 2001 Tundra Base RWD on some gravel and clay roads now. I upgraded to 265/70/16 Wrangler A/T tires and the plastic inner fender well is extremely close to the front tires so I'm thinking about putting some new springs/struts on.

Any advice a solid brand and type of struts and springs that will provide a small amount of lift?(1/2" up to 2 1/2" is fine) The backroads i'm driving are in good condition so i'm not looking to upgrade to anything on the high end but a slight lift and smoother ride would be nice. Preferably a loaded assembly from Bilstein, KYB or comparable. Currently i'm looking at KYB rear shocks and Moog front assemblies but i'm finding it really difficult to find struts listed for the 2WD Base Tundra in anything other than Gabriel or Monroe.
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